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Geothermal Systems

The Earth absorbs almost 50% of all solar energy and remains a constant temperature of 50°F to 70°F depending on geographical location. A geothermal unit utilizes this constant temperature for heating and cooling your home.

You can realize up to 60% energy savings vs. traditional systems.  There is no flame, no flue, no odors and no loud outdoor equipment. Heating, air conditioning and hot water can all be attained from a single compact unit.

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All-In-One Geothermal Product Offering

Feature Comparison
All-In-One Geothermal Product Offering
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All-In-One Geothermal Product Offering
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Product NameCompass Series Vertical PackagedElement Series Vertical Packaged
Model FamilyGXT024GVS018
Closed Loop Cooling EfficiencyUp to 29.1Up to 27.2
Closed Loop Heating EfficiencyUp to 4.8Up to 4.3
Energy Star RatedEnergy Star PartnerEnergy Star Rated
Refrigerant TypeR-410AR-410A
Sound LevelQuiet operationQuiet Operation
Blower MotorECM blower motorStandard PSC or optional ECM blower motor
CompressorCopeland® UltraTech® two-stage scroll compressorSingle or two-stage scroll compressor
Factory Warranty Parts10 Year Parts Limited Warranty10 Year Parts Limited Warranty
Factory Warranty CompressorOptional Limited Lifetime Compressor WarrantyOptional Limited Lifetime Compressor Warranty
Manufacturer's Stated Benefits
  • All aluminum micro-channel air coil eliminates corrosion and increases unit's life expectancy
  • Composite, silver-ion anti-microbial drain pan
  • High-style champagne powder coated steel cabinet
  • Removeable panels for easy access
  • Flow switch protected
  • Digital controls
  • Standard hot water generator (desuperheater)
  • Foamed-in coaxial heat exchanger
  • Double O-Ring fittings
  • Multi-Positional Cabinet
  • Digital controls with enhanced unit protection
  • UL GREENGUARD certified foam cabinet insulation
  • All-aluminum microchannel air coil
  • Sound and vibration absorbing compressor isolation pads
  • Optional desuperheater (hot water generator)
  • Heavy gauge steel cabinet with attractive paint finish
  • Foam enclosed, enhanced surface coaxial heat exchanger