People tell us they remember us because they see our vans. Our vans are colorful, and our logo is big! We agree, our vans are the most noticeable piece of advertisement we have. 

But where else have you seen our Schar Heating & Cooling logo? It’s time for eye-spy in your community!

Are you into sports? You may have seen our logo on the Rittman Girls’ Volleyball Calendars! We love supporting our local schools.

Not a sports fan? What about a community volunteer?

Then you’ve seen us all over the area! We sponsored the Goodwill Golf Classic, the OneEighty Break the Cycle Event, and we’re even on the hats for the Habitat for Humanity volunteers!

Are you one for fun events? Parades and fairs?

We regularly attend the Sleepwalker Festival and the Blue Tip Festival parades! We always have a table at the Wayne County Fair- stop by to say ‘hi’!

Do you listen to the morning or afternoon news? If you tune into the popular WQKT, you’ll hear our ads during news segments on weekdays! 

Maybe you’re more into golf?

See our signs and logo on the scorecards at the Pines Golf Course & Rawiga Golf Course!

We’re also a part of the Chambers of Commerce in the area. We are a part of the Wooster, Wadsworth, Medina, and Rittman Chambers of Commerce!

We love helping our community. We also love for our community to be all around us!

Where have you spied Schar Heating & Cooling?

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